Wrangling Cowboys at the ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum

At the ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum in Washington DC May 12 and 13th, Joyce Ferris participated on a panel with representatives from  American University, Georgetown University and SciEnergy Joyce shared Blue Hill’s efficiency services model with the audience.

The ACEEE forum brought together a diverse group of innovators in the energy efficiency market.  In a recent article, Greentech Media describes the innovators as cowboys; energy efficiency investment is such a young industry that most practitioners and project developers have to establish their own precedent, and everyone’s doing it a little bit differently.

While the diversity of solutions is exciting, investors are looking for more consistency and maturity in the industry.  The forum and the article both remarked on this change in the general attitude towards energy efficiency investment.  The market remains an innovative space, but there’s progress towards borrowing best practices from other industries.  There’s a lot of money that could be put to work and a lot of energy to be saved.  Right now we’re all working to get on the same page to make it happen, and happen efficiently.


Use Energy Efficiency to Keep Football at Your College


This morning, NPR reported on how many colleges are cutting sports teams in order to direct more funding to scholarships. Perhaps such sacrifices could be avoided by reducing the amount of resources that are wasted through inefficient systems. Blue Hill’s science building ventilation optimization services take a huge chunk out of one of the university’s biggest line items: science buildings typically cost 5-10 times more to operate than conventional commercial buildings, and HVAC represents 70% of that operational cost!